A new masterclass on God, Government, and our American Heritage.

Coming November 2021.

America needs civic education

22% could not name a single branch of government and only 56% could name all branches.
Almost 4/10 people in America cannot name a single right given in the First Amendment.

"An educated people is an empowered people. We must learn the great depths of American history and the role of the Church in it."

Tanner DiBella
Founder & Creator

Learning Outcomes

American history and the role of God in it's pages.

The Church throughout American history.

Biblical worldview of family, social movements, and gov't.

The mandate of every Christian in American civics.

“Our national heritage is replete with references to our Creator.”

We have an identity crisis. Our beloved nation is at a crossroads. Who are we as Americans?  Do we have a common and shared heritage? Can we recapture the spirit that led the brave men and women to embark on a perilous journey to a New World? Can we rediscover what compelled them to carve out a new and unique existence, one that had never been tried before? Our goal in this 8-week course is to embed our nation’s heritage, the US Constitution, and cultural issues from a Biblical Worldview.
Julianne Benzel
Historian & Senior Contributor to Course